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Weddings & Handfastings


Bespoke wedding ceremony in Brighton conducted by Inner Radiance Ceremonies

Choosing to spend your life with someone is exciting, joyful and, perhaps, a little daunting.  Having made this decision there are many other choices to make.


You can decide to get legally married or you might want to have a commitment ceremony or handfasting without going through the process of making it legally binding.  A church ceremony gives you a certain amount of choice in what happens in your wedding ceremony, such as what music and readings you have.  However, you won't be able to substantially change the actual content of the ceremony.


You can also choose a registry office wedding.  This is an easy and, sometimes cheaper, option.  Be aware that you cannot include any spiritual or religious content in a registry office ceremony.


Happily you now have many more options and much more flexibility available to you than there has ever been before in the UK.  I can help you to create your own ceremony; a special, individual and joyous ceremony which you will always remember.

A handfasting is an old Celtic form of marriage ceremony.  Originally a handfasting lasted for a year and a day and enabled a couple to commit to each other without getting married.  It gave them a chance to live together, to find out whether they were well suited and it provided a certain amount of financial protection and support for any children that might result from the union.  If at the end of the period the couple wanted to stay together they could then go on to get married.


Handfasting ceremonies are pagan in origin and have a traditional structure. However, there is a lot of flexibility within the structure which allows for a great variety of beautiful ceremonies to be created.


These days a handfasting ceremony can be used in place of a marriage ceremony and allows for you to be married in an unusual and very personal way.  Your relatives and friends can, if you wish, take part in and lead parts of the ceremony.


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