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Dear Sarah,

This is a belated 'thank you so much'.

I am genuinely surprised at the number of people who have gone out of their way, both on the day and since, to say how much they appreciated the ceremony. I have to admit that I haven't subjected any of them to close questioning, but I am going to guess that maybe half a dozen factors were involved, one of which I am certain was that the ceremony was about the right length, well put together and well led: so a heartfelt thank you to you for your part in it.

Finally, thank you for the lovely book: this is a great idea and something I know which we will always treasure.

P Ryley 


We can’t thank Sarah enough for all her time and support in creating our handfasting ceremony. We wanted a ceremony that reflected us both as individuals, and as a couple. With Sarah, we created something unique that was the perfect expression of our love and what we hold sacred. Being able to be so involved in the planning made it very personal for us, and the care Sarah took to make it a spiritual and meaningful occasion meant a great deal to both of us. It was lovely to be able to create our own wedding ceremony with words that captured how we felt about each other.

Nicky Quinn and Sophie Fuller 


We were absolutely delighted by our ceremony which was completely personal and special to us.  You helped us to craft our ideas by listening carefully to us, giving suggestions where we asked for them but not imposing anything we didn’t want.  You have been a warm, kind friend and a highly professional celebrant.  Your calm manner was a blessing when nerves finally got the better of us!

Rosie Dyas and Simon Rawson


We came to you for your advice and guidance with the handfasting bcause neither of us had much experience with this type of ceremony before.  What you wrote for us far exceeded any expectations we had.  We were blown away with how personal and spiritually enriched the whole experience was.  Also your help and advice with the writing of the vows was crucial!  Perfect day I would say.

Whitney Stevens


Dear Sarah

Thank you again very much for your wonderful service as part of our 20th wedding anniversary celebration.  The structure and content was beautifully balanced and just what we wished for.  Angie and I were on a buzz for a long time after the day and many of the guests commented on how touching and appropriate the ceremony was. 

Quite honestly we didn’t feel that there as anything that could or should have been done differently or btter, as it encapsulated everything we wanted to say to each other, as well as being inclusive of everyone else who was there.  Perfect!

Mick and Angie Parker

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